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Sex doll realistic 163 cm,

model AD1

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Material 100% TPE with Metal Skeleton

Weight with head: 49kg

Upper Breasts101cm

Under breasts73cm

Waist 57cm



Arm length59cm


The depth of the mouth13cm

The depth of the vagina18cm

The depth of the anus16cm

Height with head 63cm

Brand NameRUdoll

Product NameSilicone Sexy Dolls for Men

You can choose the options below:
1. Eye color.
2. The skin tone.
3. Built-in or removable vagina. (Both options are good).
4. The pubic hair is (+ $50) or not.
5. The legs are designed to fix the doll in standing position (+ $50) or not.
6. Color of nails.
7. You can choose a head.
8. lips color.
8. You can choose a head.

Accessories you get for free.
This option includes:
1 Wig 2 pieces (can choose).
2 Nightie.
3 Blanket.
4 USB device for heating the intimate places of your doll.
5 Comb.
6 Gloves.
7 The Capacity for washing the intimate places of your doll.

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