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Note. On photos below are one body and different heads

Sex doll realistic 165 cm, model D1

My name is Vera.

$ The price is 999$
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Material 100% TPE with Metal Skeleton

Weight with head: 36kg

Upper Breasts91cm

Under breasts66cm

Waist 58cm



Arm length58cm


The depth of the mouth13cm

The depth of the vagina17cm

The depth of the anus16cm

Package size:160*45*30cm

Height with head 165cm

Brand NameRUdoll

Product NameSilicone Sexy Dolls for Men

You can choose the options below:
1. Eye color.
2. The skin tone.
3. Built-in or removable vagina. (Both options are good).
4. The pubic hair is (+ $50) or not.
5. The legs are designed to fix the doll in standing position (+ $50) or not.
6. Color of nails.
7. You can choose a head.
8. lips color.
8. You can choose a head.

Accessories you get for free.
This option includes:
1 Wig 2 pieces (can choose).
2 Nightie.
3 Blanket.
4 USB device for heating the intimate places of your doll.
5 Comb.
6 Gloves.
7 The Capacity for washing the intimate places of your doll.

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