Real Sex Dolls on

The options of OR Sex Dolls.


Width and color of areolas

Type of foot

The second option (+ $50).

The structure of the shoulders. The doll will be able to shake its shoulders, 1 option. (+ 80 $)

Skin color

Removable vagina or built-in


You can choose the options below:
1. Eye color.
2. The skin tone.
3. Built-in or removable vagina. (Both options are good).
4. The pubic hair is (+ $70) or not.
5. The legs are designed to fix the doll in standing position (+ $50) or not.
6. Color of nails.
7. You can choose a head.
8. lips color.
9. The structure of the shoulders.
First option is (+ 80 $), second is free.

Accessories you get free.
This option includes:
1 Wig (can choose).
2 Nightie.
3 Blanket.
4 Lipstick.
5 Comb.
6 Gloves.
7 The Capacity for washing the intimate places of your doll.