Real Sex Dolls on

The options of SY Sex Dolls.

Skin color
Eyes color
Hair style
Tonail color
Lip color
Feet option

SY Head option
Free Accessories

You can choose the options below:
1. Eye color.
2. The skin tone.
3. Built-in or removable vagina. (Both options are good).
4. The pubic hair is (+ $50) or not.
5. The legs are designed to fix the doll in standing position (+ $50) or not.
6. Color of nails.
7. You can choose a head.
8. lips color.

Accessories you get for free.
This option includes:
1. Wig (can choose).
2. Nightie.
3. Blanket.
4. Finger nails for repair doll.
5. TPE repair material (20-30g)
6. Gloves.
7. The Capacity for washing the intimate places of your doll.