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1.The head installation has change the traditional way of turning screws to fast plug type design, easy installation and disassembly faster, head of fixed is more stable.

2. Pioneered “Hymen” features for built-in vagina , the end user could open doll’s labium and anal in person, or customer also can ask factory to open it in advance.

3.The TPE material was improved to be less greasy and odorless.. And TPE has very good resilience.

4. The skeleton evolution, this doll can do shrug and hold out a bosom, and this doll can do kneeling position, the lower leg can be completely touch to the thigh, the feet can touch the buttocks, Perfect W sitting, the waist moving side to side.

5. Semi-permanent lipstick
6. If she were lying on her back and bend the legs far enough that her knees would touch her breasts.

“Platinum TPE” the material without peculiar smell, and we call it “Premium TPE”, our TPE dolls are very soft, and have very strong ability to resist deformation, and materials have very good at resilience and tear resistance.

—About skeleton:

Doll also have common have normal skeleton and EVO skeleton two option.
Old series skeleton is same as most of TPE dolls, the neck bolt is use M16 thread.
EVO skeleton doll use M14 thread of neck bolt can’t compatibility to other doll’s head.
Doll is neck seamless with head, so all the piper doll can’t change the head.
The difference between the old skeleton and the new skeleton:

1. EVO skeleton use fast plug type for the head installation, old skeleton still use turning screw for head installation.
2. EVO skeleton keep the old turning screws way of install of the head, doll’s EVO skeleton In addition to all the functions of the EVO skeleton, it has been added “Asian squat”function and squat with standing by herself
3. EVO skeleton operation are much more easy than old skeleton.
Due to potential difference of skin tone colors and the feels of the materials, we won't recommend you to try the head on a body from a different brand.